In 2010, Hilary Scruggs led her team to design and build a prototype for sustainable and affordable living in San Antonio, Texas.

With inquisitive looks from passers-by, two aluminum encased homes rose out of a small plot in the Southtown neighborhood.

This is the Biering Project.


The idea for Southtown Greenbound first took shape on a white sand beach on a warm Caribbean evening in May 2010 – the spectacular wedding of mutual friends provided a festive backdrop, and our initial discussion was punctuated by sunburn, sleep deprivation, a calypso beat, and copious amounts of champagne. But it didn’t stop there.

Back in Texas a week later, I threw myself into a final push for the Biering Project’s June 2010 completion. Meanwhile, over e-mail, Geoff and I started developing strategies to articulate not simply the story of my experience in San Antonio, but the questions and objectives underlying it. Our mutual goal was to start a conversation rather than recount a narrative; sharing human perspectives rather than demographics and selling an experience rather than services.

Geoff arrived in San Antonio in October 2010 and Southtown Greenbound was filmed over the course of four action-packed days. Graced with an Indian Summer, I was quickly impressed by the skill with which Geoff captured the story of our undertaking, the charm of San Antonio, and the innate potential of Southtown.

We were both overwhelmingly gratified by the enthusiastic participation of our “cast”: Chip Henderson, Vance Knowles, Debra Maltz, Wayland Roed, and Michael Westheimer – each of whom inspired us with unique insights and candid vitality. Editing all those hours of animated discussion was no simple task, but one that Geoff took on with meticulous discretion.

An eventful year has elapsed since then and we are so proud to share with you the product of our efforts. Please contact us with your inquiries and thank you for taking the time to watch Southtown Greenbound.


Hilary Scruggs

November 2011
San Antonio, Texas