Directed & Edited by
Geoff Sheerar

(In Alphabetical Order)
Chip Henderson
Vance Knowles
Debra Maltz
Wayland Roed
Hilary Scruggs
Michael Westheimer

Production Assistant
Ian Mueller

Geoff Sheerar
Gregory Fast
Bailey Porter

Blue Highway, Jeremy Sherman
In the Pocket, Barrie Gledden / Richard Lacy / Richard Kimmings
Get Your Groove On, Barrie Gledden / Key Loy
Boogie Shuffle, Tim Renwick

Southtown Greenbound was filmed in San Antonio, Texas in October 2010.

Special thanks go out to everyone who so generously gave of their time and energy to be a part of this conversation.

Thanks to Wayland, Ian, Steve, John, the Bandera’s, and the many others who helped with the construction of the Biering Project.

Thanks to the San Antonio Downtown Alliance for recognizing our hard work.

Thanks to Julia Foland and Alexandra Weininger for their amazing moral support.

Southtown Greenbound is dedicated in fond memory of

Luther Trammell (1919-2011)


John Harmon Sheerar (1925-2011)

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